03 May 2017

A few more projects

I have been busy on a few projects lately. Here is a quick run down of them.

An embroidery piece. Two of these made. The pink is crochet, and there will eventually be a bead or two stitched to the middle of it.

The following pic is the beginnings of what I hope will be a dandelion. It's a bit of an experiment.

Celebrating the number 5 for an anniversary in one of the groups on Ravelry. 
Just for fun.
1. 5 colours x 5 stitches wide x 5 rows.
2. 5 colours x 5 different stitches x 5 sides (pentagon).
3. 5 threads x 5 foundation ch. x 5 sc.
4. 5 colours x 5 puffs x 5 bead stitches.
5. Multiple of 5 foundation x increase every 5th st.

Sorting out my mothers bobbins. Three piles like this. This stack is now untangled and sorted into order. I'll show the sorted photo when I have done all of them.

My mini HEX quilt has progressed a little bit with the blue, black, green and purple rounds added.

The ANZAC day dawn service.
We walked to the town hall and followed the pipes and drums band to the cenotaph and monument.
What an emotional event that was.
When the bugle played and then the silence, apart from the crashing waves on the beach below us.
It really brought it all home.
That 'just-after-dawn' moment.

And a stroll along our Opunake beach yesterday.

Quite an eventful and productive couple of weeks.

Happy Stitching 


  1. I love your dandelion, and wow, quite a job you have to untangle those bobbins!

    1. Yes, I'm quite enamored with the dandelion too, I'll try to get back to it for some more experimentation soon.

  2. I like the dandelion too, A LOT. It's such an interesting mix of colours and textures.

    Gave me a chill to imagine the bugle playing just after dawn with the noise of the waves behind it.

    1. It really was a rather emotional and poignant moment. Loved the bagpipes and drummers too.

  3. I know there are other free-formers out there, but you are my personal inspiration, Cyra. I just love seeing what you play with. What you create. And thank you for sharing about Anzac Day. I didn't know what it was so I looked it up. Understanding what it is, I, had a greater appreciation for how moving was the music from pipes, drums and bugles followed by just the sound of the crashing waves. How beautiful to participate in such a memorial service.

    1. Thanks Becki, I made sure I dragged hubby out of bed at 5am to walk with me to the ceremony. We bumped into our local policeman who walked with us to the dawn parade. It really was one of the highlights since moving to this town a year ago. It's such a great community to live in.

  4. Definitely like the dandelion - well done! I really love the way your country does Anzac Day at dawn - that makes it all the more reverent I think. Ours is on Nov 11 - the llth hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Out of curiosity - do you know how to do bobbin lace??

    1. Dawn at this time of year is about 6am here, so 5am was a bit of an early wake up alarm call for us, but so well worth it.
      Yes I know how to do bobbin lace. Have only just sorted out my mothers bobbins and equipment which got a bit tangled in the move from UK to NZ.

  5. What beautiful projects? Love the dandelion and the hexagon quilt is gorgeous.