30 September 2015

CQJP 2015 Purple Block finished

Last week I couldn't find my camera attachment to upload photos.
This week I have found the missing chord/lead/usb thingy (someone put it in my crochet bag and put some crochet leaflets on top of it).

As I have had a great stitching week I am going to cut to the chase and show you the completed Purple Crazy Quilt Block, because, yes, I have completed it.

Please don't ask me what that 'thing' is on the left because I have absolutely no idea. It just developed into that, that.... thing.

And here is the next naked block, hand stitched as per all my blocks this year.

Once this block is finished I cannot make any more until after the end of November, as all my fabrics, and threads are are packed and have already made the trip to the new place.
I'm getting excited about moving now, and can't wait to reunite with my 'stuff'. 
Oh what a lovely adventure awaits me. 
Once we have settled there I plan to write all those books that are in my head, and make all those quilts that need making, and paint all those paintings that are just waiting to be inspired by the scenic location, and crochet all those 'things' that need to be created, and finish all those UFO's.
Haha! famous last words........


  1. That 'thing' you refer to makes me think of the drawings of Ernst Haeckel. Great! As for famous last words - don't we all do that? I make grandiose plans the first of every year that THIS year I'm going to just do things for me - and it seems that I manage to commit to too many things that have nothing whatsoever to do with those plans. I hope you are going to prove to be the exception!!

    1. I might get to do some of what I mentioned above, in between a long touring holiday and planning the new build, lol.

  2. Oh such a beautiful purply piece! Oh gosh, I am always thinking I will do this or that and plan when it will happen and only some of it does. In my older age, I must resign myself to the knowledge that tasks take longer and I don't have the fever for them that I did when I was younger.
    xx, Carol

    1. Lol, I'm just the opposite Carol, as I get older I seem to get more passion and fever for these things.