23 September 2015

Reflecting on the week

I have been doing just a little bit of stitching - honest.
No photos though as I've lost misplaced my camera usb plug I really hope I haven't accidentally packed it away and sent it to our storage place.

Sorry I missed being here last week, phew what a week. Still packing, packing, packing, and meetings with solicitor, accountant and bank account adviser.
When will it all end? I am so looking forward to going, and relaxing, and sitting in the sun and just stitching full-time. 

Tony was down at our our new place for a couple of days last week sorting 'stuff' out. He says it is soooo quiet there he thinks he might get bored. Not me though, I'm so looking forward to the peace and tranquility. I shall be lost in my own world there, far from the madding crowds (and maddening).

My Purple Crazy quilt block has progressed a bit, and has some of my usual unique seam treatments. I have packed away my sewing machine and fabrics and most of my embroidery threads now. I just have two small baskets with threads in left out by my armchair now. One is the purple threads for my current cq block, and the other is the next colourway (as yet a secret) for the next cq block. I have also stitched the naked block for the next one, as all the fabric has gone into storage now as well, and I needed to have the next block ready for stitching when I finish the purple block.
Just a small case of hand sewing tools, along with the threads, are all that remains in the house now.

My office is packed up (equipment, paperwork, files etc.). My craft room is packed up and all in storage. Most of our clothes have gone, unnecessary furniture has gone. TV & lounge suite are about to be gone. All the cupboards except one are packed and gone.
The house is looking quite bare now.
Roll on November.


  1. Hi Cyra. Good for you moving to a quiet place. Ours was so quiet and rural when we moved here in 1976. Now we have a Walmart 1/2 mile away and a subdivision that starts on the next block over. As neighbors die, their homes are sold to landlords who rent to younger couples with kids that have loud trucks and huge parties. I might move if I could, but where would we go. I need ACRES!!
    How soon will you be moved to your new place?

    1. Hi Carol, it's a shame that progress has to happen in a way that affects your everyday living like that.
      We move in mid- November. I am sooooo looking forward to it, even though we will be a bit cramped living in the caravan until we get around to building our home. I know I shall get plenty of quiet time to enjoy.

  2. I'm sure you are counting the days until the move is complete. It's certainly not a process I ever look forward to repeating and I don't envy you. Hopefully all goes smoothly and you're soon settled and enjoying your new space.

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to the peace and tranquility.