15 July 2015

A Fun Cro-Doodle Project

Cro-Doodle is my way of saying this project is a hybrid.
Crochet inspired by Zen Art Doodles.

There is a group I'm in on Ravelry that threw a challenge at members to create a free form crochet/knit tangle from an animal Zentangle.

I prefer to call my drawing of this style Zen Art Doodles, and proceeded to produce the art work that I will be interpreting in crochet.

I will not reveal the whole drawing until all the crochet is complete, and I will leave the 'animal' as a surprise at the end.

Here is the first small section that I have recreated in crochet so far.


  1. Great concept! I can't wait to see what you are creating - the colours, just maybe, might be a tiger?

    1. A great answer.... I'm not letting on if you're right or wrong though, lol.