02 April 2014

Heart Crazy Quilt Catch Up

This week I am playing catch up with my Straight From the Heart Crazy Quilt.

Here are three weeks worth in one post (is that good value, or what?)

Week 11

Machine work - haha - something you don't see very often from me.
Playing (experimenting) with free-motion quilting and also practicing with metallic threads.
Pink and purple satin fabric, only the purple one is the shiny, slippery little devil.
Hand stitched to the black rose fabric with buttonhole stitch.

Week 12

Reverse applique heart with a fly stitch decoration and a fabric 'ruffle' flower for the centre.

Week 13

Two more 'ruffle' flowers (just because I was enjoying doing them) and a Suffolk Puff flower (I am English so that's what I call them, you may know them as Yoyo's).
The stamen are made with Cast-on stitch.
The Suffolk Puff looks somewhat black in this pic, but it is actually a deep aubergine.
I may add some hand stitched embroidery in places on this, I'll just have to see what time I have spare.

 Quilt Show Photo Album 

The quilt show photos that I mentioned last week are on Flickr - all 108 photos.

....and don't be shy, say hello over there...
There are too many to post to this blog sorry, but here's a taster for you....

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  1. Fun to see the quilt show...thank you! Metallic thread and free motion? You're a brave woman!