09 April 2014

Heart CQ ~ Boho Skirt ~ Kumihimo

 Straight From the Heart Quilt 

Week 14

A few variegated leaves added to last weeks ruffle flowers, and I don't think it needs anything else now.

A crocheted purple and white flower has been 'planted' in a flower-pot.


 Boho Skirt Update 

Wohoo, I have finished the front middle panel of the skirt.
Rough, raw fabric edges, uneven and sometimes wonky stitching (I love it).
I am not embellishing every fabric patch, just an occasional one here and there.

Love that musical fabric.

I might have to add more stitching to tone down the orange fabric to the left of centre bottom. It just seems a little bit bright for what I'm wanting here, or I may even froggit.

Now to carry on around the back of the middle panel.

 Kumihimo Necklace 

Had a bit of a fun one afternoon and created this Kumihimo necklace.
Yet to add the fastening though. Still pondering on that one.

1 comment:

  1. I love your flowers! As for the orange being a bit bright...how about adding a piece of lace over top?