03 July 2013

Crazy Mandala Quilt and the Crochet-Along Project

 The Crazy Mandala Quilt 

This week I have returned to stitching a little bit more on my Mandala Quilt to give these guys their black coats.

I only managed to get two of the twelve done, but any progress on it is good progress and closer to finishing it.

 Crochet Along (CAL) 

I am taking part in a Crochet Along with a lovely group of ladies over 
We are all stitching different projects and a couple of us are crocheting squares to make into afghans or something else.
I wanted to do something different from the 3D 'flowers' that I have been making a lot of recently, so I opted for squares with a geometric pattern.
I'm not sure if the final item will be an afghan, a bag, a wrap or jacket yet. I'll decide later on when I have made a few more squares. 
At the moment I am just enjoying the relaxing crocheting without having to 'think' too much about the stitching.
I must admit though..... I'm not sure about how many more squares I can make before my FREE-FORM brain decides its had enough of regular, methodical, formal crochet
I have only made 5 squares and 2 half-squares so far, and I'm already feeling the restriction of the project.
I have a sneaking feeling that I am about to 'break free' of my CHAINS........... hahahaha
(pun intended, lol)

Anyway, here are my squares so far.

Bobble Arrows

Cluster Cross

A Battenburg Half-Square

A Battenburg Half-Square Stripe

Pastel Windows

Corner Stone Square 

Geometric - yes
Pastel - yes
Easy - yes
Relaxing - yes
Stash Busting - yes

Happy Stitching

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