13 August 2012

TAST Week 32 - Cast On Stitch + other stitching

..TAST Week 32 - Cast On Stitch..

I must have had a premonition about this stitch because I actually looked up how to do it on Monday and started practicing it even before Sharon announced it as the TAST stitch for this week.
Sometimes I just amaze myself, lol.........

Cast-On Stitch - freeform style.
I like this stitch.

And a little cluster of Cast-On's

And I have also stitched some more Algerian Eye which was last weeks featured stitch.

CQJP August - The Naked Block

I also managed to get my naked block for August stitched together.
I actually like the large scroll fabric wedge towards the bottom, and I am half way through stitching a very nice crochet piece for that long seam.
While I was crocheting I was thinking how lovely it would be to create a whole Crazy Quilt with only crochet trims and doily's that I make myself (I love to crochet). That sounds like a BIG project. I wonder if I should start planning it for next year's main project. Crocheting small trims etc. is an excellent project that can be done while touring with the caravan (which is planned for late next year too).

So that was my week of stitching.
Hope you had a great week too.

Happy Stitching

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