13 August 2012

Inspiration Photography Therapy

Inspiration Photography Therapy

I've decided to start a photography section on this blog, hopefully once a week I shall post my inspirational photos.

I find photographs very inspiring for my creative projects and I am always grateful for the photographs that I see when I'm browsing around this Internetical Whizzy Thing.
So I'm going to add my own pics to the WWW and hope to inspire other people, and as my way of thanking others for the photos that they share with me.

This weekend we had a little break in the weather. Enough for me to wander the garden and admire the hardy flora and fauna that survived our winter (I'm in New Zealand and we are just getting to the end of our winter in August).

This year I've noticed that the Bumbles who visit our garden are bigger.

Bee heaven, lol.

The flowers are bright.

The succulents are thriving well next to the house, where they enjoy the heat that the bricks retain.

Lichen is not to every-bodies liking, but I love the stark growth on these branches.

Remember the break in the weather that I mentioned above .... well this is what it looked like towards the end of the day ..

  The Lewis Cloud Appreciation Society  
has it's headquarters at our house.

Hope you enjoyed the photography tour.

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