05 August 2012

Crazy Quilt Journal Project - July Block

Warning - Photo intensive post

...Crazy Quilt Journal Project.. - ..My July Block...

I am very happy to have the seventh block finished. 

And here are some of the highlights from this block.

Silk Ribbon embroidered flowers with leaves and beads.

A Mandala Motif .
Detached Chains with a French Knot to anchor it. Pistil Stitch (purple).

Chains have been added to my 'flower pots' from last week.

Tubular petals for this half flower.

Silver Scrolls.

I added beads to this oyster stitch seam from last week.

Love this simple seam.
The blue is Buttonhole bars and then added the white beads.

A very small amount of Algerian Eye stitch.
This is the TAST stitch for this week, and I shall have to play some more with it on my August block as I haven't really done it justice this week, but I still like this little 'starburst' shown here.

And not forgetting my butterfly of the month in the central patch.

And here are some extra eye-candy views to show the texture at different angles.

Well, that was quite a lot of work for the month.
Seven blocks down.....five to go.
Slowly getting there.

Happy Stitching


  1. Cy, as usual I don't know where to start. Your block is stunning! This one appears to have a little more color than the others, but I'm not sure. I need to go back. I hope the buttonhole bars are an upcoming TAST stitch. I have seen them used on various blogs and really like the look. I guess if they don't come up I will just have to find extra time to learn it. You always come up with unique and creative treatments. Fantastic job!

    1. Thank you Connie, your lovely comment is much appreciated. I don't have my other blocks near me when stitching, so I won't get influenced by them. If this one has more colour than the others it is purely accidental, lol. I'll have to go check out the others too now, haha, just to see if you are right.
      Way back in TAST Week 2 (buttonhole stitch) I did some buttonhole bars for the first time as one of my buttonhole stitch variations. A very enjoyable stitch.

    2. Are the buttonhole bars the same as the cast-on stitch we are doing for TAST this week? They look the same from my perspective. Either way I'm excited about learning this stitch. Now for my tree...

    3. No Connie, it's a different stitch.

  2. Love the butterfly.
    Hi from a fellow Kiwi :)

    1. Hi Phillipa, thanks for visiting here :)