21 March 2018

Scrumble...Scrumble... & Craft Room Tour

Did you guess that I've been scrumbling, lol.

And a belated Happy St. Paddy's Day to all who celebrate.
This is my own design for a shamrock, which I attached to a hair slide and wore in my hair for the weekend. 

I've had a big sort out in my craft studio to make room for a dedicated 'art-space' as well now.
Loving the natural light that I get from the window.

My drawing board table can be tilted to any angle and also can be adjusted height ways too. Love it.
The black shelves hold the paints, acrylic, guache and water-colours.
The tan shelves hold my oil paints on the bottom shelf, all my containers of soft-pastels are on the 2nd shelf up, my journals and sketch pads next shelf up. All sorts of marker pens and inks on the next shelf, and then on the very top are things like masking fluid, rubbers, glue, and my larger art paper pads.
Under the table are two of my easels (the larger easels are stored in the garage.
The table holds my most frequently used supplies, i.e. china mixing trays, water container, brushes, pencils, and art crayons.

The armchair is where I do crochet and embroidery (or just chill out with a book).
Opposite the armchair is the sewing table which doubles up as a weaving table too.
Behind where I'm standing and to my left is the miniatures work station and my book shelves, plus another ranch slider (windows & door) the same as that one by the art table.
(I've not tidied that area so no photos, lol).

Hope you enjoyed that little tour of my art space.

I'm off to do some drawing now, catch you next next time.

Happy Crafting

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  1. Your craft room looks wonderful! Don't suppose you want to come over here and help me shovel mine out??