28 February 2018

Miniature works are fun

Working on small items for the dolls house is so much fun.

This small blanket/afghan for the bed is finished now and on the bed that I have shown you in a previous post. It is crocheted in embroidery threads, and each block is about 1" small. In real life the granny square blanket would be bigger, but as this is for decoration purpose only, I want the underneath bedding to be seen too.

Construction of the house has started at last now that Tony has cut me a base board to work on.
One downstairs room is almost complete.

And the kitchen table was a new start for this week.

Today is an embroiders guild work day and I shall be stitching on the miniature rug.

See you next time with more miniatures

Happy Stitching


  1. There is a name for the type of throws that simply go at the end of the bed and it's escaping me at the moment. We have a small quilt on the foot of our bed because the bed is 'up on stilts' and I need the bed covering to hang to the floor to hide all the books we have stuffed under there.

    1. That is a very good reason to have the blanket reaching the floor, lol.