09 May 2018

Quilting and Solitude at Retreat

I'm back home after my most wonderful stitching holiday at Quilt group Retreat.
Oh my, what a great way to refresh your batteries.
The seclusion of this place was exhilarating, stimulating, bracing, energizing and restorative. 

I can't believe how much stitching got done as well. Absolutely amazing place.
Literally a stones throw from the beach.
Great early morning walks and paddles on the beach, and great company.

The path to the beach and sea.

I was on the beach for the sunrise most mornings.

And here are some of the stitching that I made while there.

A Fibonacci style small quilt top, that may turn into a table runner or a bag 
(not decided yet what it wants to be).

These two country style shabby-chic blocks will be cushion covers (pillows) when I add a border and backing to them.

And the following quilt top is completed, I just haven't got any photos of it's current state.
I am now auditioning fabric for border and backing.

That's it for the retreat photos.

One evening, soon after getting back home, I made these Boho beaded tassel dangles.
Fun fun fun.

You can tell that the urge to create and be creative is still with me. 
I have so many things I NEED to make now, lol.

So, from a refreshed and revitalised  Cyra

Happy Stitching

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  1. Looks like you were in an amazing environment that generated lots of creativity. Just the thought of being able to go to that beach every morning to watch the sun rise had to be incredible. Lucky you!