28 September 2017

Time for a catch-up

Sometimes when life throws you lemons you just have to make lovely lemonade.

I've had a 'bit' of a busy couple of months (and the next few will be more of the same, lol), but I have still been stitching away whenever possible.

Here is a catch-up on some of the things I have made since my last post here.

Freeform crochet scrumbles. Getting ready to make a headband or hat.

Wet felting. I attended another workshop and made these two flowers.
Stamen embellishments are yet to be added.

Crochet miniature tablecloth, 6 inches long.

1 comment:

  1. Your flowers are beautiful, but I have to say I absolutely love the wee tablecloth! I've always been fascinated by miniatures and am ever hopeful that there might just be a grandbaby come along that might want a dollhouse.