02 January 2017


Oh boy....... I've done it again..... started lots of projects.

And just in case the title of this blog is reading like a foreign language to you, let me translate it for you here.

BAMCAL = Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long
YOP = Year Of Projects
FO's = Finished Objects
AYIS - A Year In Stitch
MYIS - My Year In Stitches

2017 BAMCAL is a Ravelry group in which we are given a choice of 3 blocks each month to crochet as we wish for our chosen project. I am going to see if I find enough time to do all 3 blocks, as I would like to make at least two afghans and a tunic/poncho.
My first 12" block is finished - Floral Kaleidoscope Afghan Square by Julie King.
I am using yarn from my stash for this project.


While I'm showing you FO's, here is a Free Form Ball that I finished for a CAL in another Ravelry group. 


A Year In Stitches is all about making stitches every day for a year and in a random, freeform style.
I have chosen a colourful printed fabric to randomly embellish with stitches.

And here is the start - Day 1 stitches.
Just a little bit more each day.


My Year In Stitches is a different project. It still incorporates a little bit of stitching each day, but this one is slightly more organized. It started off life as a patchwork wall hanging that I made a few years ago.... but.... I never really liked it the way it was, so I have decided to spruce it up with a whole heap of stitching to make it more appealing to me, and hopefully, I'll enjoy it enough when it's finished to actually hang it up instead of hiding it in a box.
The green stems are what I have stitched today, and there are quite a lot more of them to stitch too, so I might not share photos again until I get onto something more interesting to see.


This has been another YOP blog post.

Happy New Year to you all, and Happy Stitching.



  1. Love the hummingbird. And I am thankful for the translation at the beginning. Nice to learn new things.

  2. I really like the free form stitches you are doing. I had never heard of free form stitching before, but find it quite lovely and looks like a lot of fun too. Your first block is soooo pretty. The colors make me smile. The fee form ball is most unique and quite appealing to look at.

  3. You're right - definitely sounds like a foreign language! Very glad you provided an explanation of all those terms. Looks like you're going to have lots on the go to keep you busy throughout the year. Happy 2017!

  4. I really like how you provided the translation to your acronyms right off the bat. I love how your Floral Kaleidoscope Square turned out. Beautiful colors! My Moody Blue square didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped (in the colors I chose), so now I'm feeling wary of making the Floral Kaleidoscope. I hope I don't find myself rethinking my colors every month. And Cyra, I am just fascinated by your embroidery - every time you post a picture of something you've stitched on I am inspired. I look forward to seeing what you add to your Year In Stitches project.

  5. Thank you for translating as even I didn't know all of them. You are very talented as I seem to be lacking in the creative areas. It seems I can only replicate using patterns..lol! Your freeform ball is amazing...I would not know where to begin. I admire the embellishments you are adding to your fabrics. I'm sure they will be "hang worthy" when you are done. I'm still waffling about the BAMCAL but after seeing your block...I'm not sure I can stop myself now! It's lovely. This will be a fun year and we have such a wonderful variety of talents in the YOP group which I find exhilarating! TTYS!