26 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Not very much Christmas activity has been going on here I'm afraid,
and absolutely nothing even remotely stitch related.

Tony & I spent a week at our other house starting to get it ready for our son to move into in January.
We have cleaned it, furnished it, fitted out the kitchen with all the necessary cooking things (pans, crockery, cups, utensils etc.), checked everything works as it should, put up curtains, got the door bells working, changed locks, arranged for the security and alarm system to be installed, and started the bathroom renovation to add a 2nd shower room.
Just waiting now for the ordered special mixer shower tap to arrive, and the 3 sets of new blinds to be made and delivered. Then the new residents can move in.

We arrived back at our home on Christmas Eve evening, and I had a quick run through my local village supermarket (small shop) for whatever I could find suitable for Christmas dinner, lol. 
It turned out to be a rather non-traditional dinner for us, but still very enjoyable.

We managed to get a bit of exploring done at some beaches that we have not been to to before, and we had the deserted beach to ourselves.
That is Tony at the waters edge. 

The place had me spellbound. It's like a graveyard for washed-up and sun-bleached trees.

Most of New Zealand has this amazing sparkly black sand. 
Like shiny little diamonds glittering at you. 

So that was what we have been up to over the last week.
It's Boxing Day here now, and we're just chillin. Lovely to have the boys home for Christmas too.

Peace, Love & Joy to you all.



  1. Love the pictures. Sounds like you have it all under control. Well done. Enjoy your Christmas with your family.

  2. Love the pictures! Those tree limbs half buried in the sand are fascinating. And I'm glad you mentioned that the sand is black. While I see it was showing up dark, I didn't think about why. And didn't know I was look looking at sparkles. Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks so relaxing in the photos. How nice to have your sons home for Christmas too.

  4. The beach looks lovely... the home renovations and repairs a necessary evil. It must feel good to have it done though! Maybe now you can get back to stitching :)

  5. Sounds perfect, if busy. Well done for getting the house sorted - you can now have a well earned break. Happy Christmas.

  6. Your Christmas may have not been what you really expected, but it sounds like it was wonderful just the same.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day! Merry Christmas to you and peace also as our world is in desperate need of it, I think. Your photos are beautiful and glad you were able to relax and enjoy the holiday in your own special way.