07 January 2015

New Year - New Beginnings - New CQJP

  Welcome to the year of change.  

This will be the year that hubby and I finally move into 'real' retirement. I may already be unofficially retired, but it's about time that Tony gets to enjoy more of life without having to work on the farm etc. He's worked hard all his life to provide everything that our family needs, and I know that, for myself and our four kidsies, we really appreciate all he has done for us.
His unselfish sacrifices have been made for the love and well-being of the family group, and now it's time for the family group to make some sacrifices for him. It may include spending a little bit of their inheritance (haha), but hey, he earned it in the first place, so I think he's entitled to enjoy a bit of it to help him retire and do what he wants, for a change.
I think he might have trouble relaxing though because he's not the sort of person who can sit around and do nothing. 
Always 'tinkering' with something.

  CQJP 2015  

My goal for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2015 is to stitch one block a month as per the guideline/requirements.

The fabrics that I shall be using this year for my Crazy Quilt blocks will all be neutrals and whites, with some of the neutrals being my hand-dyed fabrics.

And, because I am expecting to be 'on-the-road' (or at least in the caravan) for most of the year, I am putting some limitations on what I can do, such as:

Embroidery threads will be the predominant form of embellishing.
Each block will have a different colour scheme (I'm hoping this will add interest in the finished quilt).
I will not be following the colour wheel, but will jump to whatever colour appeals at the time.
Beads, sequins & charms will not be used, as I wont be able to travel very well with them.
(I may add beads etc. in one go, at the very end, after ALL the 12 blocks have been made).
Crochet lace or embellishing will be made specifically for each block.
There will be no main overall theme for the blocks.
I will be experimenting more with patterns and the build up of combination seam treatments.
The blocks will be entirely hand-stitched, which includes the piecing of the naked blocks.

My first naked block - January

And the first bit of seam embellishing has begun.
This block is (obviously) going to be a RED colour scheme.

The dark fabrics here are not as dark in real life as they show in the photo.


  1. I love the idea of what you plan for the year. Sticking to 'basic' supplies will make your blocks very portable and easy to travel with. Hope you and your hubby enjoy your retirement!

  2. Ooo, I like the direction you've set for yourself with the CJP for 2015. It's very tempting to follow your lead. I hurt my left arm and shoulder last fall (October or so) and haven't really been able to do any sewing or stitching since then. We're still not pain-free but at least I'm back to reading blogs!

  3. I love the finished piece. Even more so after reading about the beginning and you overall plan for total hand sewing & embellishment. Thank you for sharing.