21 January 2015

CQJP2015 January completed - & some Crochet textures

  Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2015  .  

I had a great week of stitching and this block for January is now finished.

    Red January   

Entirely hand stitched, with a couple of pieces of crochet for embellishment.

To recap my theme:
Embroidery threads will be the predominant form of embellishing.
Crochet lace or embellishing will be made specifically for each block.
I will be experimenting a lot with patterns and the build up of combination seam treatments.

   Texture in Crochet   

Just thought I would share a crochet project with you.
I love texture, and I love crochet..... so put the two together and I am in a happy place.


  1. I was all agog when I saw the beautiful red stitching you'd done and then (!!) I saw the colours in the crochet. Wow!!

  2. Red January looks great! Looking forward to seeing your color choice for February.

  3. All of us Magpies are commenting...Wow what beautiful seams!

  4. Cyra, we took Kathy's class together this fall. I'm the one with the red crazy quilt piece. I love your idea of stitching one color on a neutral block! If I had thought of that I might have signed up, but I didn't think I could get an 8" block done every month do I didn't sign up for CQJP, I think I'm regretting that decision. I just discovered your blog. Love your crochet work. Is the spiral on the red block crochet? If not what stitch is it? Happy stitching, whatever form it takes. Sarah

  5. Hi Sarah, thanks for popping in to see me here. It's great to meet you again after the course.
    Yes, the red spiral is a crochet braid. I just can't stop crocheting.

  6. Cyra , I set up a new email address just for quilting. I was using my work email. Please update your records to show the email below and send me yours in an email.