03 September 2014

Three Weeks Worth of Creations

Yes that's right...... here are three weeks worth of creations all in one post, as I haven't posted what I made while I was away (hiding from the world).

 Afghan blanket 
At the moment this is still in three main parts and cannot be seen in full as I have not yet decided which part goes where, lol. But this is the pile of work on the afghan so far. 

 Cot/Crib Blanket 

This is finished.

And, of course, I have done more work on the Building Blocks Quilt, now renamed: 
 "Party At My Place" Quilt 
The hand sewn English Paper Pieced hexagons are a great scrap fabric buster project, great to travel with, and great for working on while in the caravan.

All in all, it was quite a productive vacation.
What a busy little bee I have been.


  1. Wow...you HAVE been busy! Amazing projects, as always. The colours are wonderful in all three pieces.