14 September 2014

FREE Crochet Heart Tutorial by Cyra

 by Cyra Lewis 

 A 3-D Crocheted Heart Tutorial 

Step-by-step photos included.

I made mine using #20 crochet thread with a size 1.00 crochet hook.
The heart was just the right size to use on a homemade 
birthday card for someone special (photo above).

     This heart could also be made as a cushion, in wool or yarn of your choice.     
The finished size would be dependent on the thickness of yarn used and the size of your crochet hook.

Crochet Heart Tutorial
UK crochet terminology is used here. 
Please see the end of this blog for a US terminology alternative.

Starting from the top of the heart.

Ch4, sl.st. to 1st ch to form a ring.

Ch1, 8dc  into ring, join with a sl.st. to beg. ch. (8sts)

Ch1, 2dc in every st around, join with a sl.st. to beg. ch.  (16sts)

Ch1, 1dc in same st., 1dc in each of next 2 sts., 2dc in the next st., *1dc in each of the next 3 sts., 2dc in the next st.,**. Repeat from * to ** two more times to the end of the round, join with a sl.st. to beg. ch.  (20 sts)

Ch1, working 1dc in every st. make 80dc working in the round, 
i.e. do not join rounds with sl.st. When you reach the beg. of the round just dc into the next dc st. and work in a spiral for 80 sts, ((or four rounds))

When you get to this point cut the thread leaving a tail of about 6 inches.

Now you have to make another 'upside-down cup' exactly the same, but do not cut the thread on the second one when you get to this point.

The following two photos show you how to join these two 'cups' together.
Using the tail thread on the first cup, oversew three stitches only, making sure that you join the second cup immediately after the last dc that you made (2nd photo)

Put your hook back in the loop from the last st. made, and st. 1dc in every st. going around the outside of both cups, but do not dc in any of the sewn sts.

After stitching one round of dc. in every st. around the whole piece, you will start dec. (st.2dc.tog.) at each outer edge.

Continue stitching dc. rounds, still working in a spiral, decreasing (st.2dc.tog.) at each side edge of the heart.

After about 5 or 6 rounds the hole will be getting significantly smaller (heading towards the point of the heart).

Now is the time to start stuffing the heart with the filling of your choice. This small heart does not take much stuffing at all, but a cushion sized heart will obviously take quite a bit more stuffing.

Continue the dc. stitching in every st. around and dec. at the edges.

(Below the joining of the two cups, it takes about 14/15 rounds to get to the point)

As you get closer to the point of the heart you may need to insert a little more stuffing to fill the point.

When you cannot dec. any more, sl.st the last two sts. tog. to make the point of the heart, cut the thread, pull through, and finish by weaving the tail inside the stuffed heart.

I Attached my heart to the card by making two holes in the card and sewing the heart in place through these two holes, tying the tails together and then losing the tails by weaving the thread back into the heart.


Ch. ------ chain 
dc   ------ double crochet
st.   ------ stitch
sts. ------ stitches
sl.st. ----- slip stitch
beg. ----- beginning
dec. ----- decrease
st.2dc.tog. ----- stitch 2 double crochets together

UK                      US

ch ....................... ch
dc ....................... sc (single crochet)


I can see these hearts getting used in many ways.
I hope you have fun with yours.

Please leave a comment here if you use my tutorial and feel free to share a link to your project.


  1. I have not been able to master knitting or crochet. Wish I could though, I love this little heart.

    1. I only learnt how to knit earlier this year Sue, so if I can do it I'm sure you can! That old saying about "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is totally wrong, lol.

  2. What a sweet little heart! It would make really pretty ornaments for putting on a Christmas tree (you can tell what I have on my mind right now, can't you!)

    1. Thanks for the idea of these hearts for the Christmas tree, yes, I can see them in silver, or gold, or purple, or white. I wonder how many I should make.