12 March 2014

Heart Crazy Quilt & Winter Warmer

 Straight From The Heart - Crazy Quilt 
Week 10

The crochet edging for the Dresden plate center is complete - all 60 inches of it.
Took a while to crochet it and stitch it in place around the 'swags' of the plate.

Another patch embellished with a crochet Mandala/flower. 
Love, love, love these colours, lol.

And, now that I have finished the Dresden plate central work, I get to stitch the patches together onto the quilt.
No perfection is required for this part. Raw edges to the patches, large stitches, wonky stitching......whatever happens happens.
Just pick up the next patch from the pile and stitch it down somewhere.
An occasional fill-in patch required to cover a blank space.

You might recognize a few of the stitchery patches from earlier this year.

No progress on my Boho skirt this week, but I did get two more parts of the Winter Warmer done.

Guess who's having fun...........

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