05 March 2014

Alternating Between Projects

This week I have been flitting between projects again, and even started a new one 
(oh no, another ufo started)

Update on the Straight From The Heart Quilt
Week 9

I auditioned some crocheted lace edging for around the Dresden plate.
Here it is, temporarily pinned in place, to see if I like it there ..... I do. So I shall carry on and crochet the rest to fit around the scalloped perimeter.

And these three free-form stitched "plus size inchies" (1.5ins) are surplus from a previous project, and have now made it onto this quilt.

There is a pink heart on the orange square.

I created the following crochet square for my Winter-Warmer project. 
We, here in New Zealand, have just gone in to Autumn, so I am expecting some cooler weather shortly.

Then, my most favourite denim skirt "bit-the-dust" through old age and wear and tear. I am too heartbroken to throw it out, so I lovingly started to upcycle it into a Boho style skirt.
The idea is to cover all the threadbare worn areas and holes with cutesy stitcheries.
The skirt originally had four tiers. I have cut off the bottom scraggy tier, and started covering the 2nd tier as the photos show here - rustic stitching, raw edges, uneven shapes, basic (or zero) embellishing.

Then I shall add lace to the 3rd tier, and attach a shorter gathered fabric strip in place of the bottom tier if it looks ok.

And while I was stitching the purple one on, I was thinking about turning my denim jacket into a Boho one to match the skirt, lol.


  1. I'm anxious to see your skirt when it's done...I love the concept!

  2. I'm not a monogamous project-person either. It keeps life interesting!