17 April 2013

CQJP 2013 progress

I've been away....... did you miss me?

We had a great time in the Hawkes Bay area. The sun shone (most of the time), the beaches were mind-blowing (as always), the Motel was 4**** awesome, the scenery was beautiful, and the wineries were, well.... full of wine, lol. Delicious.

I'm creating another blog as our "Travel-Adventure-Blog" so that this Free Form Stitching blog stays mostly on topic here, and so that family and friends will be able to follow our adventures without getting caught up in my stitching projects. I will let you know the web address of that as soon as I have uploaded these latest photos.

On topic again now.

CQJP latest work.

Nine more of the smaller circles that surround the larger circle in the middle. That now makes 12 all together.

That's my lot for this week.
Now to catch up with all that I've missed while away.

Happy Stitching


  1. This makes me think of the universe and the planets and stars. Don't ask me why!! And yes, I missed you.

    1. Aww thank you for missing me ;)
      Yes I can see the celestial resemblance too.