24 April 2013

CQJP 2013 Mandala Quilt Update

 CQJP 2013 Mandala Quilt Update 

Sub-titled - - Let Me Tell You A Story

So this is how the story starts.
Centre-Circle wants to dress up to go to a party.
So Centre-Circle asks for a smart black suit, 
and Centre-Circle gets a smart black 'suit'.

But then the others started getting very jealous because Centre-Circle looks so smart in his new black suit.
The others think that they look 'under-dressed' compared to him.

So they beg for a smart black suit each 
.....and, one-by-one they get 'dressed' up in their smart black suits too.

And happiness, once again, started to return to the Circles.

Until, eventually, laughter overtook them all, and the dancing began.

And the Party of the Circles was THE  place to be.

Happy Stitching

Let the 'party' jokes, 
and 'circle' jokes, 
and 'dancing' jokes 



  1. I'm in a whirl with your circles and feel sure they are revolving!

    1. Lol, Carol-Ann. As long as they are revolving and not revolting, I'm happy, hahaha.

  2. I REALLY like this Cy - it's so very different from anything I've seen! The addition of the black 'suits' just makes it pop.

    1. Thanks again. I'm so glad you think it is different.It's an experiment to see how contemporary I can get a traditional stained glass rose window quilt to look. I'm pleased with it so far.