24 August 2016

Duodenary Ravellenics Events - & YOP

The yarn events at Ravelry have finished. Here are my latest event finishes, and counting them off on my YOP list too.

Bag Backstroke event - A Freeform Project-Holder Bag
I have overcome my 'fear' of knitting with this project, as it contains 4 different knitted parts. I had to teach myself how to cast-on again though, because I'd forgotten how to do that, lol.
More photos of this are on my Ravelry project page here.

Sock-put event - Bootie Slippers

Afghan Marathon event - Afghan Blanket/Comforter

Hat Dash event - Pink and Purple headband

Household Heptathlon event - Basket to hold my Threads

Household Heptathlon event - A Star Coaster for my glass of wine (or gin)

Household Heptathlon event - A woven and crocheted bookmark for my favourite book of poems

And with the 5 previously posted events:
Sweater Triathlon event - White baby cardi
Sweater Triathlon event - pink pullover
Toy Toss event - Hug-a-monster
Frogging Trampoline event - Frogging thing
Garment Polo event - Toddler skirt

12 finishes altogether over two weeks.
That makes me a Duodenary, lol.

Ravellenics ran from the 5th to the 21st August.

I would officially like to thank my DH for going away for the two weeks.
While the cat's away the crocheter will play, lol.

And, over the last two days since the Ravellenics finished, I have been sorting out and unpacking my craft room. I have re-made the flat-pack shelving, and along with the new set of shelving on top of the flat-packed ones, I now have ample shelving for books and equipment, and I have arranged it so that my new sewing table slots into a space under (and between) the shelves.
I'll get photos for next week to show what I mean. I'm so excited to have a dedicated room for my 'stuff'.


  1. Very good.......you completed some very nice items. I like what you are going to put in your coaster.

  2. Very impressive, Cyra! I love the colors you've worked with here. That blanket looks so sweet - and your freeform bag - what fun! You've inspired me to consider what I might be able to do in 2018! :)

  3. I think after all those completed events you deserve to sit back and make good use of that star coaster (and the accompanying beverage).

  4. Yeah u got so much done!!! Awesome job!!!!

  5. Your hook must have been flying fast, Cy! Love all your projects, especially the baby booties.

  6. Wow, what fun projects you made. I'm amazed at that bag! I'd love to have a designated room for my crafts but the best I can do is carve out a spot in the garage for storage. I am going to try to make that work.