11 April 2016

Mandala Madness CAL part 2

The next couple rounds are complete now, and I am about to start with Part 3 soon.
Catching up slowly. I don't know how so many of the other CAL crafters are managing to get two or even three of these mandalas done each week.
I expect that things will get even slower when the 'rounds' get larger as it will take an awfully long time to complete just one round.
But for now, we are given a few rounds to complete each week.

Did I mention that this is a mystery CAL too, so we don't know what the finished Mandala will look like.

Here is mine so far -
  Coffee, Cream & White Chocolate

And I made a Ruffled Hexagon before I began on the mandala, and I am thinking about what border I want on it.
It needs blocking yet but I can't find which of the million packing boxes my pins are in 
(I may have to buy more pins)
Here it is -


  1. Love the ruffled hexie and your CAL looks and sounds delicious.

  2. How I wish I had time to play along with this one. I think the end result is going to be absolutely spectacular. Too many other projects on my list at the moment (funny how an impending grandbaby arrival makes one set certain priorities in crafting!).