20 May 2015


Hi everyone.
Did ya miss me.... things have gone a bit busy here at Lewis Acres and I'm sorry I've not been popping in here to update you on my stitcheries.
Truth is that I haven't had time to do anything other than my major artwork that is for the IFFFG (International Free Form Fiberart Guild) which goes in a book and an online gallery next month, and once again, I am editing the book.
I will share it with you when it has all 'gone-live' but until then, no one but me sees all the entries.

I can tell you the theme and title of the book though: Ocean - The Color of Water

It's autumn here in New Zealand and farm 'stuff' is also keeping me on my toes, but yesterday I was urgently in need of a little crochet therapy to brush away the stress, and I created this little fluffy scarf/neck warmer made from stitching with four yarns at once and a huge hook.

A Fluffy scarf - (for a fluffy brain)

I might add some tassels or beads to the ends later.

The four yarns used are pictured here.
An eyelash yarn, a 'hairy' yarn, a dishcloth cotton and a wool yarn.

Right then, back to work I go. 
We've been saving some apples on the trees for the birds. This is a Silver-eye enjoying an apple that the Rosella's had started. 


  1. We all know that life getting in the way of blogging sometimes. Love the picture of the wee bird snacking on the apple.

  2. I'm the second magpie to visit your blog today! We all have to keep our priorities in order. Sounds like you're doing a good job of that. Producing a book has to be time consuming, never mind the gardening that also has to be done!