06 August 2014

Building Blocks Quilt Update

Just a few more 'building blocks' put together. More blues but lighter than the last ones.
Love those paisley fabrics.

And here is a sneak preview for you.
This is a photo montage of the crochet project I am working on at the moment. 
I won't show you the whole thing until it is finished, but thought you might like to see the colours I am working with this week. 
No surprise there!

We (Tony & I) are off to our mountain view retreat again in a day or two, and we shall be gone for about 2 weeks. 
I won't be able to post any updates here again until we get back home because there is very poor (mostly none) cell phone reception, and no internet available there, unless I get to spend some time at the library in the closest town about half an hour away. But with all the visits we have made to the retreat so far I have still not found the time (or the inclination) to sit in the library for communication purposes.
I really enjoy being 'off-grid' and in my own little world there. Such peace can be found when you only have yourself and your thoughts to deal with.
I am, of course, taking lots of sewing and crochet projects, and will be working on some writing projects as well (hoping for some 'quiet time' for that one).
I also have to help erect a fence, remove a fallen tree that came down in the last storm, re-roof the concrete shed, and set up a system to collect fresh water from the elevated water holding tank.
Great that Tony repaired and renovated the pump for the bore-water last time we were there and erected the pump shed, so we can now get water direct from the underground reservoir instead of having to fill up our tanks every time we went out to town. 
I wonder if I will actually have time to chill out and enjoy the scenery.

Anyway, I will update you with all my new creations in a couple of weeks.

Take care, be good, and keep stitching.


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  1. Curious to see your latest creation. Enjoy your away time!