21 May 2014

Back to Business

My apologies for going missing last week.
We had a last minute 'rush' as we got ready (yet again) to go for another week at the mountain view retreat, and only returned home very late last night.

I haven't been idle while I was away.
I was meant to be working on my  new  book on the  new  laptop that the darling man in my life bought me for Mother's Day, but we couldn't recharge it by solar panels power even though the man in the shop said we could. We will get a special (but expensive) transformer before we go off to our remote place next time.

Anyway, as I couldn't work on the laptop, I worked on my fiber and threads stuff.

 Building Blocks Quilt 

8 more 'steps' finished

That is the last of this stage made up now. I just have to start putting the next groups of blocks together.

 A Crochet Storm 

My own designs.
Four crocheted lace pieces. 
I did actually do five, but I've left one in the car and I can't be bothered to go out and get it.


  1. New book? Do tell? Hmmm - perhaps it might be a book with crochet patterns?

    1. Yes definitely crochet, lol, you know me too well haha! But maybe not what you are expecting.