05 February 2014

My Monogram for Crazy Quilt

Here are Step-by-Step photos of the monogram I created for my 
 Straight From The Heart 
Crazy Quilt.

I penciled a circle on my fabric then started the stitching with a whipped running stitch to outline the letters (my initials).

Next I filled the middle of the letters with herringbone stitch.

The herringbone stitch was then laced.

And then I added French Knots in the spaces with lavender thread. 

Close-up of the French Knots

Next I made a Stem Stitch circle in a pastel pink around the monogram

 And then added another circle of Stem Stitch

Close-up of the Stem Stitch circles

Then I filled in the middle with Back Stitch in a dusky rose

And the finished Monogram......... 

I know it it usually required to "sign" quilts when completed.
As usual, I am doing things back to front.
This Monogram of my initials is for the front of the crazy quilt.
With a bit of luck (and time), next week I can show you the setting for the Monogram.


  1. Really a very effective idea with such simple stitches.

    1. Thanks Debra. I know I kept a list of basic 'go to' stitches for a reason.

  2. It was great to 'watch' how you built the stitching up step by step. Can't wait to see what the next step will be!