20 November 2013

36 Years Wedding Anniversary - Celtic Knot

Haha - I have just realized the 'connection' in those two title subjects, lol.


36 years ago I married my sweetheart

Every love story is great...... but OURS is my favourite.

Happy Anniversary Tony


Celtic Knot Quilt update.

Just a little bit of stitching done on this quilt this week.

Two of these corner Knots outlined and ready for filling.

Two more of these corner knots still to stitch, and then what? lol

Happy Stitching


  1. Happy (belated now) anniversary wishes! My DH and I celebrated our 34th in September (and they said it wouldn't last!!).

    1. Some people were just meant to be together. Congrats on your 34th.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Yay
    We celebrated our 40th in September, too. We eloped and everyone thought......too fast, too soon, too young....but hey, it's lasted so far...lol!

  3. Lol Suz. It's all about commitment, understanding, perseverence, and a bucketful of love.
    Congrats on your 40th last September too.

  4. Happy Very Belated Anniversary, Cy! We are headed to #49 next year, but as most likely with you, those years have sure flown by, especially of late.

    1. I am beginning to see a theme here. It really is a woman who is a passionate stitcher with plenty of patience and creativity who can tolerate living with one man for ever. Lol.
      (tongue in cheek- just in case you cant read my sense of humour)