30 October 2013

Free Form Crochet Shawl update

Hi everyone. I have been crocheting up a shawl for quite a few weeks now.
Here are the latest photos of the work.

Some of the scrumbles you may have seen me posting about before, but here they are sewn, or crocheted, in place on the shawl.
And a little bit of Tunisian crochet thrown in on that last photo above. 
I do love variety in a piece.
The shawl is still not completed yet though. I can look forward to another fun week of scrumbles.

And now for something Completely Different.
Sometimes I like to swap projects that I work on during the day. It helps to keep me challenged and interested in the larger projects if I have a smaller item to work on occasionally.
So here is a lovely lilac purple fun item, and no!, it is not going to be a collar. I have something else in mind for this. 

Happy Stitching

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  1. Must say that curiosity is running rampant here about what that last thing might be! As always, I'm fascinated by that beautiful shawl - the textures and all the different stitches are wonderful. One of those things that would be fun to touch (with clean hands, of course!).