04 September 2013

White Wrap Scrumbles & "Brock" Needle-felting

White Wrap Scrumbles & "Brock" Needle-felting

 The latest work on my needle felted Woodland character "Brock" has included a tunic change and a new hairstyle.
He is now 'Brock the Wayward Wannabe' and I can just imagine all the fun and mischievous tricks that he will be participating in.
He still needs more work in certain areas, but he's fun to work with and I keep dreaming up new characters to join him in his Woodland abode. 
Here he is now.

Progress on my White Wrap has been happening this week too.
Some scrumbles have been joined, and more scrumbles made to fit the gaps.
Not all joined together yet, but it's coming along nicely I think.

Gardening has taken up a fair amount of my time this week. 
It's Spring here in New Zealand, and everything is starting to bud and flower. 
The first lot of daffs have come and gone, the swallows have returned to the nest under the eaves on the deck (one egg so far), the rosella parakeets are busy chattering away to each other in the orchard, the ducks, pukeko's, plover's and pterodactyls (sorry, I mean herons)  are nesting around the woods and stream.
I love Spring.


  1. I must say Brock is a handsome fellow - how big is he? And your scrumble project looks absolutely divine - I must apply myself to learning how to do that because I think it's fascinating!

  2. Good question, lol. I've just measured him now. He's about 11" from top of mohawk to foot, and about 6.5" from head to bottom in his sitting position.