01 December 2012

Sad update - No Stitching

Some of you may know that I am in England at the moment.
It was my mum's 90th birthday on the 19th Nov.
We had a brilliant party for her, with family coming from all over UK for the party.
I had a wonderful time catching up with family members and seeing all the new babies and children that I haven't met before.
I am so happy that I had that 'spur-of-the-moment' decision to fly all the way from New Zealand to be with her for that joyous occasion.
But, mum's health has deteriorated rapidly in just the space of a weekend.
Last Friday she was fine, laughing and joking with me, and so happy that I was still able to visit her in the rest home.
Monday when I visited, she was very poorly with a chest infection and other painful complications.
I have been to see her every day this week, and she is slowly getting worse.
Too weak to eat or drink, and can hardly talk.
Her doctor is preparing us for the worst case scenario.
She is on the downward slope with no energy to fight back.
 We are all in shock at how quick this has taken a hold of her.

Prayers welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Oh Cy - of course there will be prayers for your mum, and for you.

  2. prayers for you and your family.

  3. So sorry to hear this news Cy. You, your mom and other family have my prayers. I am sure she is comforted that you are there with her.

  4. It's not easy even when you expect it - lost my mum at 94 not so long ago. My thoughts are with you. You are perhaps physically very near to me in England. Your mum's 90th sounds a warm and loving occasion - one to remember when you feel low.