19 November 2012

Cushion for Mum

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(I haven't got access to my photo editing program to shrink the size)

I can't believe I am actually in England right now.
This cushion that I have been stitching for a few months is finally in the hands of my mum.
It is bright. It is colourful. It is highly textured.
Mum has extremely poor eyesight, so this cushion is for her to feel, and imagine, as a flower garden in full bloom.

We've just had a family party for mums 90th Birthday.
A great time was had by all.
She loves the cushion and wouldn't put it down.

 The fabric was dyed by my arty son George as experiments for a larger project.
I am pleased to put these pieces to good use. 

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  1. Lovely cushion Cy. I'm sure your mother will enjoy it. Happy 90th to her. Hope you are enjoying England.