15 October 2012

Crazy Quilt Journal Project - block 9 update

My September block (block number 9) is still not completed yet, but the end is in sight now though.

The blue braid treatment.
 I love the intense stitching and concentration needed to get this braided stitch to go around 'the bend' like this. It took an absolute age to stitch.
 I added the brighter blue chain stitch edges to a braid stitch from Mary Corbet's website.

Bead embellishing done on a previous weeks TAST stitch

A little triangular decoration for an area that didn't need much embellishing.

This is the crochet scallops edging I 'invented' and created for this block.

TAST Hebedo stitch with ribbon and beads. 
Photo is a bit dull, sorry it doesn't show the stitching too well.

That's all I had time to stitch on my CQJP, but I have a few other projects that have progressed this week instead. 
Watch this space. 
I'll add new posts on those projects during the week.

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  1. Looks to me as if you have managed to do quite a bit with your time constraints!