05 June 2012

Life On The Farm - Applemunchers

We've just had a three-day weekend here in NZ and I thought I'd show you a little bit of our farm life, and what we've been up to this weekend.

There are only two trees in our orchard still bearing apples at the moment. 
I have been re-arranging the netting over them to stop the Rosella's (wild parrots) from eating all the fruit.
Rosella's are beautiful birds that I love to see in the garden, but they are classed as pests because they ruin the crops of the big food growers. I usually let them have one tree without nets on so that they can survive in this neighbourhood of food growers. I love hearing their chatter, and see their beautiful show of colour as they fly around.  

Today I have picked a bucket load of these.........

......... to make one of these..........
 mmmmmm........ apple cake
fresh out of the oven.

This is one of our 'applemunchers'. When they see someone in the orchard they come to the fence and wait for some free windfalls to head their way.
Who can refuse such a cute face like this. Shame about the wig though, lol.

And when one applemuncher calls to the other applemunchers in the field that there is an apple-give-away happening, we get more cute faces arriving at the fence.

And this is Freddie, yet another applemuncher. Freddie always helps himself to the windfalls and hurries to get the best ones before the free-range chickens get to them.

The mandarin trees are giving us a bumper harvest this year.
These are so juicy, sweet and delicious, probably the best crop we've had.
We are all getting a good dose of Vitamin C with these beauties.

And then we have the lemon trees that should be ripening soon judging by the lime green they are at the moment.

The orchard has had a major tidy up this weekend. 
The early fruiting apple trees, and the pear, plum, peach and loquat trees, have all been heavily pruned and are now ready for the arrival of winter. 
The 'low-hanging' branches, that were not long ago heavy with fruit, have been chopped back too. Which makes it easier for Tony to drive the mower right up to, and around, the trunks now.
He's a happy chappy at that.

The chopped branches have been added to the bonfire pile in the top field away from the house. Will probably have a bonfire party for one of the 'sprogs' birthday this month. I've heard we are having visitors for that occasion.  I like it when our kids can arrange their own birthday parties. 

Oh dear, I've just remembered that this sons birthday means that none of my kids will be teenagers any more.
I suddenly feel old.


  1. Hi, Cy. Just happened upon your blog and have enjoyed your TAST experiments and other beautiful embroideries. I live on a small farm myself--don't know how you find the time to sit down and stitch so much!
    best from Tunisia,

    1. Thank you Nadia. Stitching is just something I "have to do". I will always find time for it somehow.

  2. Oh My! what great fruit. I'll be right over.

    1. Bring a basket and pick your own fruit.

  3. Great post Cy. I loved seeing your fruit trees,animals and the gorgeous scenery. It seems so strange that winter is coming your way. I don't know if I could handle a summer Christmas. Your apple cake looks yummy. I'll be joining Debra on the voyage to your home!