30 July 2012

TAST - Oyster Stitch - & Crazy Quilt Project

TAST week 30 Oyster Stitch

What a peculiar stitch this was. I had trouble getting the 1st part (the twisted chain) to stay down, but I think I eventually got it to BEHAVE enough for a fairly unison finish.

Here is the Oyster Stitch on my CQJP block for July.
Coton A Broder 16 in black on the left and white on the right of this seam.

And here is a little "playtime fun" on my Stitch Journal page
Love these scallops or swags.

And a flower burst

This is my Stitch Journal page for the last month or two.
Not all the stitches are on here as I did some of them straight on to my CQJP without trialing them first, but I shall probably add them to the Stitch Journal at a later date as I want them all together in one place.

CQJP July Block WIP

I have been gradually adding seam treatments and embellishment to the July Crazy Quilt block, and working through some problem areas with it.

Remember this from last week
Well, I didn't like it so I frogged it...... rippit, rippit,rippit.

And in it's place is this....
I'm not sure what it is meant to be haha.... but it was fun to do and it's staying.
It's possible that I got a little bit influenced by the Olympics. 

The crocheted trim that I added last week has had it's ribbon embellishment added, and I used a tiny cross-stitch in a light green metallic thread to anchor the ribbon in place rather than weaving the ribbon like I first intended.
As usual though, the metallic thread does not photograph well.
I wanted this trim to have a gentle and delicate look, as there are already too many 'chunky' seams on the block.

One more freeform stitched seam this week is this one that is not finished yet. I'm not going to think about what it needs yet, just have to wait and see what happens on the end of my needle on the day it gets it's topping.

Lots of beads to be added to the July block over the next couple of days hopefully, and then it will be finished before next weekends reveal.

I hope you have a great stitching week ahead.
Bye for now.

Happy Stitching


  1. Wow! you've been busy! I like... everything! Especially the rings and the last freeform. That last one reminds me of lace.